Best Japanese Food Recipe Blogs/Vlogs for Beginners

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Japanese food recipes

You love Japanese food and frequent at a Japanese restaurant but never tried to cook it on your own? Thanks to great recipe websites/blogs out there, Japanese cooking can be learned more easily than ever and may not be as complicated as you think. So we put together our recommended blogs/vlogs specialized in Japanese cooking and designed for all levels including beginners.

Japanese Cooking 101

A team of two Japanese housewives, Noriko and Yuko, post hands-on cooking videos with super friendly instructions. The video collection exceeds 200 clips and is continuing to grow!!! They also provide printable recipes.

Pickup for Beginners: Yakisoba


Just One Cookbook

A popular blogger Nami introduces 500+ beautiful and delicious Japanese recipes both in writing and video from San Francisco Bay Area. Her enthusiasm to spread Japanese food to the world is well respected by many home cooks and Japanese food lovers!

Pickup for Beginners: How To Make Dashi 3 Ways


Pickled Plum

A Brooklyn based home chef and professional model Caroline creates Japanese and Asian recipes with her American twist. Not only her dishes are tasteful, they are also good for your body and beauty!

Pickup for Beginners: Morimoto’s Wasabi Avocado Dip

Caroline is inspired by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto to cook this unique avocado dip seasoned with wasabi and soy sauce.

Just Hungry

Started in 2003, this long-running blog is organized by Makiko living in France. She also has a spin-out blog specialized in bento called “Just Bento.”

Pickup for Beginners: How to make Japanese-style plain rice and sushi rice

Makiko demonstrates the very basic of Japanese cooking: to make rice. The articles shows the step-by-step instructions on plain (sticky) rice and vinegared sushi rice.

Chopstick Chronicles

This is yet another popular blog run by Shihoko living in Australia. She has amazing cooking and photography skills that make everyone fall for her beautiful dishes!

Pickup for Beginners: Matcha Vanilla Latte

Shihoko creates many pastry recipes using matcha as it is her favorite Japanese ingredient. This drink is the easiest to make and indeed delicious! Yes we tried this recipe!!!