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Many Japanese grocery stores distribute flyers, coupons and recipe notes in English to promote Japanese food to non-Japanese customers. One grocery chain Nijiya Market, known for its variety in organic products, goes the extra mile for promotion by handing out free publications packed with helpful information.

Published quarterly in Japanese and annually in English, “Gochiso Magazine” is Nijiya’s PR magazine which introduces Japanese food trend, ingredients, recipes and its private label products. This 90-page magazine, as its tagline goes “Ultimate Japanese Gourmet Magazine,” contains plenty of quality information and photos that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Take an example. The contents of the 2015 issue include a cover story featuring house party ideas in Japanese style, introduction of sake, mochi recipes, seasonal dessert recipes, unique ingredients such as natto, goya (bitter melon) and mizuna, and more recipes using Nijiya’s private label products.

How can we get a copy? If you live in California, Hawaii or New York, you can visit a Nijiya store to pick up a latest issue (see store locations here). If not, you can download PDF version on their website. Even the older editions are still worth reading and saving.

Last but not least what is “Gochiso” anyways? It means “feast” in Japanese!