Short Videos That Teach Basic Knowledge of Japanese Food

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Japan’s public broadcasting network NHK offers service in English and other languages called NHK World for international audiences. Among various contents from around-the-clock news to pop music, many of the viewers agree that “Begin Japanology” is by far the best produced program for visually exploring and explaining the Japanese culture for non-Japanese people.

Begin Japanology has two sister programs: Begin Japanology Plus and Begin Japnology Mini. The latter condenses the 30-minute Begin Japanology into a 5-minute segment and gives a introductory yet informative description of each topic.

Just see it yourself and you will appreciate the amazing camera work, the refined narration and in-depth insights to the culture in each clip! Here we put together the videos on food.



Wagashi Traditional Confections




Matcha (Green Tea)


Kaiseki Traditional Cuisine