Survey Shows 4 out of 5 Americans Eat Japanese Food Regularly

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Japanese food survey

In the latest survey conducted by Cimplex Marketing Group, Inc., about 78% of respondents said they eat Japanese food at least a few times a month while only 3% have never eaten it before.

The survey was responded by 108 city dwellers in US, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, male and female aged 16 to 69 years, from different races including Asian, African, Caucasian, Hispanic and multiple.

The respondents answered they consume Japanese food primarily “at restaurants” (88.9%), followed by “at home” (49.1%), “at friend/family’s house” (25%), and “at school” (10.2%) respectively in the multiple-choice question. Concerning those who eat it at home, 72% of them cook with ingredients while 28% only purchase frozen or instant products. The home cooks showed higher interest in recipes for Japanese cuisine in the separate question.

Here is some of the survey highlights:

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