Enter Bento Contest and Compete in Japan!!!

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International Bento Contest

(Update on 9/21/2016: This contest ended on September 20, 2016)

International BENTO Contest is hosting its 5th competition on bento recipe and currently accepting entries from all over the world! Don’t miss this chance if you are an enthusiastic bento cook and eager to showcase great bento recipes of your own!

This is how it works with the contest:
1) Fill out the form and submit your recipes/pictures through the contest webpage by Sept. 20, 2016
2) You will hear from the organizer if you are selected as a finalist
3) International finalists will be invited to Japan to compete in the final match held on Oct. 16, 2016 in Yokohama, Japan
4) Prizes will be awarded to top 3 winners by the sponsors (TBD)

Every year many contestants enter from overseas and share unique and delicious recipes created with the food of their countries. It is a perfect opportunity for those who cook Japanese-style bento in a lunchbox and wish to visit Japan in the mean time.

There are the rules and restrictions for entry so please read the contest webpage thoroughly before taking an action.

We look forward to a next bento master thriving from a country other than Japan!