Marukai Gardena Reopens as Tokyo Central

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Tokyo Central Gardena
Tokyo Central Gardena

A Japanese grocer Marukai completed a 3-month renovation of its Gardena store and reopened as Tokyo Central on April 6, 2018. This is the fifth location of Marukai that converted into Tokyo Central following Costa Mesa, West Covina, Pacific Market (Gardena), San Diego and Torrance stores.

Flagship Store Upgrades with Various Features

Tokyo Central sushi bento food court
Store features large sections of personal care, tableware and delicatessen.

The new flagship store on Artesia Blvd. boasts a 45,000-square-foot floor on two stories filled with groceries, specialty foods, snacks, sake, fresh fish, produce and meat that are essential to Japanese and Asian cuisines. The store also features larger selection of non-grocery items than any other Japanese stores in the U.S., including personal care, appliances, tableware, gifts, traditional crafts, toys and more.

A notable upgrade is a delicatessen section where customers can select from a wide variety of ready-to-go packed meals, such as sushi, bento, noodles and sandwiches. The section is slated to expand with a food bar, which will sell freshly cooked entrees and side dishes by pound. The menu includes tempura, teriyaki chicken, fried rice and takoyaki, already popular at the Costa Mesa and West Covina locations. Customers can eat purchased food at the eat-in area adjacent to the deli.

Company Progressing as Member of Large Retail Group

Marukai Corporation currently operates four “Marukai”, four “Tokyo Central” and two “Tokyo Central & Main” stores in Southern California (all locations mapped here). The company was initially founded in Hawaii by Richard and Hidejiro Matsu and expanded to California in 1970s. Marukai joined Don Quijote group, Japan’s largest discount retailer with over 160 locations, in 2013.

Tokyo Central membership Under new management Marukai Corporation has been undertaking improvements on store operations and customer service and launching Tokyo Central as a major part of its effort to provide great shopping experience for customers. The company discontinued Marukai’s mandatory membership and introduced a “Shopper’s Card” program where the card holders receive great discounts on dozens of promotional items. It is free to sign up and there is no annual membership fee.

Tokyo Central Gardena is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

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