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Ever thought of sipping Japanese sake at home or bringing it to a party, only to come across obstacles to doing so? No nearby store that carries a variety, no idea what to buy, and/or never seen any sake outside restaurants. Now you will find the fermented rice wine more accessible thanks to a new online platform just launched in November 2018.

Full Service Sake Subscription Finally Available in US

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Photo: Tippsy Sake

Tippsy Sake is a much-anticipated sake subscription box (SB) which selects bottles out of 100 premium brands and delivers to your door every month. The business has carefully designed the online interface and service features so that consumers with any level of knowledge can enjoy the beverage and discover favorite products.

By signing up for the subscription starting at $49 per month, customers will receive three 10-oz bottles and product notes packaged in the custom-designed box. The notes contain easy-to-understand brewing profile and serving suggestions as well as QR codes for detailed information, all of which make a great guidance for food pairing and conversation booster at dinner table.

Depicting an example, the January 2019 box came with 1) Hakkaisan “Tokubetsu Junmai” which features soft pure water melting from Mt. Hakkai, 2) Hananomai “Junmai Ginjo” whose creamy vanilla hint pairs greatly with fish and shellfish, and 3) Kurosawa “Nigori” which boasts the medium-to-rich body and thicker texture. The box is assured to offer good mix of products in terms of features and flavors each month.

Innovating Supply Chain of Sake

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Photo: Tippsy Sake

Tippsy’s service isn’t limited to subscription; it sells products by bottle. If a customer discovers their favorite flavor from SB, they can simply order it on the online store. About 200 products are classified by taste, price (ranging from $15 to $200), category, brand and brewery and each product is thoroughly explained with the uniform metrics and images. These efforts certainly set Tippsy Sake separate from other online retailers.

Brewed without preservatives such as sulfites, sake is best consumed while it’s new and fresh (see related); however the current distribution system takes 6-12 months to deliver imported sake to consumers in the U.S. Tippsy strives to simplify the supply chain and cut the price by directly purchasing from the importers and reaching to consumers. This is all possible due to the network and expertise of the founder/CEO Genki Ito.

Driven to Promote Beauty and Artistry of Sake

Ito had worked at a major importer specialized in Japanese food and beverage over 10 years, selling and promoting sake across the U.S. He realized that most Americans would drink sake only at restaurants and very few have retail experience. He then decided to develop this underserved market, not just enthusiasts, with a new platform which has come together as Tippsy Sake.

“I want to enhance sake’s reputation as a versatile drink for any occasion and promote elegant pairing for all kinds of cuisine beyond sushi and Japanese food,” says Ito. Consumer education is important, but making sake more accessible and enjoyable will definitely entail positive consequences, he believes.

You can learn Tippsy’s behind the story and mission on the video.

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